Monday, October 17, 2011

Today I've decided to copy a look by Chanel in a cheap way. I don't really know if Blanco is all around the world, but if not, another great solution would be H&M,

Here the model ..

It is a look for the autumn-winter '11-'12 composed by gentleman clothes mixed with a lady style.
My proposals.. ( is it correct ?proposals' ???? ahhaahh)

As it has been said before, all the stuff is from Blanco, an Spanish shop which you can find online if you want :)

That's all for today!
Lots of loooove for everyone,

twitter: nastybrownies


  1. love the pumps dear!great look! :) konstantina from

  2. Hi girl.

    The blue shirt I love that.
    Check my blog.

    Bye Bye


thank you for your sweet comments ♡

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