Monday, July 4, 2011

hi giirls! it's soooooo muuuuuuuch time since the last post :( but the last months has been extremely stressful.
I have to say that I've missed writing here.. but now I promise to pots every week! 
So here we are!

My first post of this Summer 2011 is dedicated to FASHIOLISTA ( ), an amazing website where you can meet new people around the world and look for the latest trends.

Here in Fashiolista I've made a lists called RED CARPET, where there are 8 items I really would wear to the Oscar's ( it will definitely never happen..sniff ). 
So PLEASE HELP ME! and press the like-button on my list.. I need as much likes as possible to win a NIKON D5100 CAMERA!

thaaaaaaaaaankkkkkkyouuuuuu little brownies! <3


· Do you want me to talk about something special here inthe blog? I'll be happy if you send me your proposals!


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