Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Hola holita!

Como ha ido la semana? Espero que os haya ido mejor que a mi porque con 

esto de los exámenes voy que no veas.

De todas formas, y por mucho que tenga que estudiar, he sacado tiempo para 

hacer un post sobre las cositas que le he pedido a Papá Noel.. espero que me 

las traiga todas! Hay unos botines planos de Bershka, unos de tacón de Zara, 

un colgante y un collar de Makedoonia, una selección de jerseys y zapatillas 

de Oysho (todo monísimo) y un libro de Ruíz Zafón.

¿que os parece?


How was your week? I hope that better than mine because with all the final 

exams I'm super stressed.

Anyway, and although I have to study pretty much,I have find time to post 

about the things I want Santa to bring me!

On the wishlist the are two pairs of booties, the first ones from Bershka and 

the second ones from Zara, a pendant and a necklace from Makedoonia, a 

selection of jumpers and slippers from Oysho (really, really cute!) and a book 

written by Ruíz Zafón.

What do you think?

¿Que le pedís vosotras a Santa Claus? pasadme los links de vuestros post para averiguarlo!

What's on your wishlist girls? Send me your links to find it out!



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Liebster Award Nomination

Hello girls!
I't's 13:15 and I'm totally exhausted. I had an important exam early in the morning and it has been so complicated.
However, I'm happy because I've been nominated to the LIEBSTER AWARD by Natalia (find her blog here)!

that's my nomination.. : )


In German, liebster means something like dear, love (something like this I think..not sure!) and it's given to blogs with less than 200 followers. It's a fantastic way to promote new blogs and recognise all the work they carry!

How does it work?

When you're nominated you must answer a set of 11 questions given by the person who nominated you (Natalia in my case) and then nominate 11 blogs and make 11 questions the owners of the blogs to answer.

So, here are the questions Natalia has asked for her nominees:

1. What's your favourite city or In which city would you like to live?
uhm.. I'd love to live travelling between NY, Dubai, London, Paris and Tokio! (and Barcelona of course!!)

2. Do you know speak any other language? and if not, Which one would you like to learn?
I speak Spanish and Catalan as first language, English (good level), French (bad leves D:) and amb learnin Russian!

3. What's your favourite meal of all the time?
Spanish omelette! and French fries! and macaroni, and pizza..

4. What's your favourite item in all your wardrobe?
At the moment, a new sweater from Mango (combined with leather leggings.. love!)

5. What are those 3 things you can't live without?
Mobile phone, lipstick and books!

6. Those 3 things you would never get into (like some fashion trends, any   TV show, etc)
mhh.. creepers, Gandia shore and short hair!

7. The worst movie you've ever watched?
Can't think of a bad movie..

8. The best book you've ever read?
Hundreds! Maybe the 13th Tale or The Little Prince.

9. How did you came up with your Blog's title?
A moment of inspiration.. and my love to brownies!

10. How do you see yourself in 5 years?
Working in a multinational company.

11. What will be your dream Job?
In a fashion company working in the Marketing area or in the United Nations.

What do you think? Now you know a little bit more about me : )

Well.. so now is time let you know the nominees!!!!!!
So, my nominees to the Liebster Awards are:

1) (super nice DIY)

2) (the best illustrations ever)





7).. I can't think of other blogs  I like with less than 200 followers .. :(

And my questions are:

1) Favourite piece of your wardrobe. Picture pleaaaaaase : )
2) Your ideal date. With who? where?
3) where do you find information for blogging?
4) What's your favourite place on Earth?
5) who do you admire the most?
6) Favourite colour of lipstick?
7) should your bag always match with your shoes?
8) do you have any animals at home? which one?
9) if you had a baby, what would be his/her name?
10) recommend me a book please : )
11) Have you ever been in Barcelona?

Don't forget to send your link back to let me know your answeeeeers!


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Friday, December 7, 2012

My life in 10 polaroids

Buenas noches!

En el post de hoy he preparado unas mini-polaroids ( no son de verdad, están 

hechas con Picassa! ) sobre mi vida para que sepáis  un poco sobre la 

escritora de este blog :-)

¿Que os parecen? Ha sido muy divertido hacerlas! espero que os hayan 


Nos vemos pronto!

here a song that makes me feel good : )

Friday, July 27, 2012

Did you know that..?

Today's post is a very short one, but I'm sure that it will put a smile in most of you's face ;)

Did you know that.. Julie Deane, from The Cambridge Satchel Company, got inspired by the bags that are carried by Harry, Draco and Hermione on one of the Harry Potter films?

Have a nice day!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boots in summer YES OR NOT?

Hello girls, how are you doing?
Here in Spain we are having too much heat really,and it's starting to be a little bit annoying. So imagine, if I can't stop sweating, how have to be all those girls who wear boots during summer.
Let's see. Boots were invented to keep us from cold, so I don't see any point in wearing them every day during the hot months. Lots of celebrities have been seen with a casual outfit composed by a pair of shorts and ankle ( or not ) boots. IT DOESN'T MIND IT IS CONFORTABLE OR THAT YOU ARE SUPOSSED TO WEAR THEM TOO TO BE A FASHIONISTA. Please! Use the common sense. There are milions of super nice summer shoes in the world, why do you have to wear those that are designed to be wore on winter?
Judge by yourselves, in my opinion, I don't know if it is worth dying of heat in mid summer to follow a trend.

See you soon lovers!


Monday, July 23, 2012

The Spanish Tracksuit for the Olympics

Very few days are left for the beginning of the Olympic Games 2012 in London. As we all know, a part of being the perfect occasion for the different countries to show off with their athletes, it is a oportunity to show the World their own designers.
Everything was perfect until we came to know that the Spanish tracksuit had been designed by a Russian brand named Bosco. Maybe, if the suit hadn't been son HORRIBLE, our indignation wouldn't have been so big, when you see the image you'll understand what I'm talking about..

I only claim one thing to the Spanish Government: Please, when you ask another country to make your official tracksuit for the Olympics, first be sure that this country DOESN'T HATE YOU!

I hope you won't have nightmares tonight after seeing this beautiful picture ;)



Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hello everybody!
This is the first post after a long period of final exams at University and the beginning of summer in Menorca, but now I am here, disposed to give everything and more!

Here are some pictures of my trip to the beautiful Island. In the first one, you an see me with happiness painted on my face ;)

As you can see, the beaches are increeeeedible..
So, inspired by the soft air and the sun bathing my skin, I've created those three beach outfits with Polyvore! What do you think?

Before finishing, I have to say that I have some ideas for an upcoming post, and I'd like to come some kind of guide of non-popular but amazing blogs, SO IF YOU KNOW ANY CANDIDATE TO BE IN THAT LIST, LET ME KNOW!
Thank you little cupcakes ;)



Monday, May 28, 2012

FEELINGS - 27th of May, 2012

Hello eveybody!
Today just a quick post because it's very late and I'm so tired..
Some months ago I found a love quote by Paulo Coelho which really got deep into my heart, and don't know why, but today it came to my head and I though you might like it!
The quote is in Spanish, but I strongly recommend to read it if you can or use a translator.

"Dicen que a lo largo de nuestra vida tenemos dos grandes amores; uno con el que te casas o vives para siempre, puede que el padre o la madre de tus hijos... Esa persona con la que consigues la compenetración máxima para estar el resto de tu vida junto a ella...
Y dicen que hay un segundo gran amor, una persona que perderéis siempre. Alguien con quien naciste conectado, tan conectado que las fuerzas de la química escapan a la razón y os impedirán,siempre, alcanzar un final feliz. Hasta que cierto día dejareis de intentarlo…Os rendiréis y buscaréis a esa otra persona que acabaréis encontrando.
Pero os aseguro que no pasaréis una sola noche, sin necesitar otro beso suyo, o tan siquiera discutir una vez más...
Todos sabéis de qué estoy hablando, porque mientras estabais leyendo esto, os ha venido su nombre a la cabeza.
Os librareis de él o de ella, dejareis de sufrir,conseguiréis encontrar la paz (le sustituiréis por la calma), pero os aseguro que no pasará un día en que deseéis que estuviera aquí para perturbaros.

Porque,a veces, se desprende más energía discutiendo con alguien a quien amas,que haciendo el amor con alguien a quien aprecias."

-Paulo Coelho

I'm not sure if this amazing text comes from a book, but even if not, you wouldn't regret reading something from Coelho, really. Everything he writes make you think and feel better. Maybe if you are in a bad moment of your live or going through a breakup or a loss   these books could help you!

Have a super nice week honeys,


Sunday, May 20, 2012

DAILY INSPIRATION - Sunday 20th of May, 2012

Hello girls!
So much time since the last post. In my defence I'll say that I have been pretty bussy with exams and Uni projects, but finally I've found some time to write here!

And so, the think today is that I've just finished the book Esta noche dime que me quieres or L'uomo che non voleva amare, by Federico Moccia. I have to say that when my mum gave it to me I was nearly to gave it back to the shop. But at the end I didn't. Maybe because in three days I had seen thousands of grils reading the book in the train or just because I didn't want to disappoint my mum. 
So the think is that I started reading and I just couldn't stop! The book is about LOVE, ALL ABOUT LOVE. It starts describing the differents lifes of Sofia and Tancredi, a pianist and one of the richest men of the world. I really encourage you to read it and tell me your opinions!

After reading that super amazing book, I just could be in love with love and willing to be happy. So mixing the book with the song YOU ARE THE ONE THAT I WANT I've created a romantic and sweet look for Spring-Summer. Hope you like it!


(the image belongs to the post below this one)




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