Thursday, April 28, 2011


HI EVERYYONEEEEEEEEEEE! bff.. today I'm so tired :( , so I'm just going to recommend you and awesome film. It's the Spanish version of  3 metri sopra il celo, of Federico Moccia, one of the best sellers of last year. The Spanish version, 3MSC, is a film full of action, emotion, tears and, above all, L.O.V.E! ( and with the beauty of all Spanish boys..! ;)

Here I give you some of the pictures you'll be able to see on the film, BECAUSE I'M SURE YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH IT, AREN'T YOU?! ahhahahah watch it and tell me what you think!

And here the soundtrack of the fiilm!


Monday, April 25, 2011

GoodNight little browniies!

I have started watching the 4th season of Gossip Girl, and I've to say the looks are amazing. In each chapter, Serena and Blair wear dresses even more beautiful than in the chapter before.. I'm in love with their style!
Here some of their amazinincredibleawesome looks..




I really like the first one, they are so cute!
I'm going to sleep now, sweet dreams..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good morniing everyone!
let's see.. today I've got something for you..! Here there are some of the best sandals of this summer 2011 at the lowest cost! There are some more incredible shoes that i'll post in the following post. So keep on coming to see my blog and you'll see!

* My English isn't perfect.. sorry about that!

1-  H&M. 23.95 e.
2- H&M. 23.95 e.
3- Zara. 59.95 e.
4- Stradivarius. 35.95 e.
5- Miu Miu. 290 e.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hhei litllebrownies!

how are you doing today? it has been an stressful day for me.. i really really hate h o me w o r k !
anyway, here are some photos of myself in barcelona. I <3 BCN!
( please, don't judge me by the last one.. ahhaha <3)

Fucking Perfect - Pink

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Browniemonsters;

Welcome to all of you little browniemonteerrs!
This is the beginning of my first blog, so I don't know so much about how to carry on with it.. so if someone could help me I'd be incredibly grateful!

lots of lovee

Lo que no ves - Pol 3.14 ( Amazing Spanish Song)
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