Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday 31st of Jenuary, 2012 - The Brandery

Hello lovers!
I don't feel well today.. but well enough to leave you some photos of The Brandery Winter 2012!

 I know that the quality of the images is the worst of the world buuuuut.. I HAVE A NEW CAMERA! so from now on I'll post some good pics!

Love you all,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

PARIS, capitale de la mode

I've been looking some of the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week and, at the moment, the two I've loved the most have been the one from Dior and the one from Nina Ricci.

Dior's collection is been inspired in the golden 40's, while Nina Richci has focused her collection on Jackie Kennedy, with floral print as the main point.



Sunday, January 22, 2012

sweet home Barcelona

Happy Sunday darlings!
The following weekend it's taking place in Barcelona The Brandery (http://www.thebrandery.com/) so I've thought.. why not share a little bit of this amazing city to the rest of the World?
 The next pictures are from a day I spent in Barcelona, looking for curious and unknown places and vintage shops, and this is what I found..

First of all, I went down the Ramblas. It is a street full of people ( at every hour, every time of the year ) where you can find stands where sweets, animals, flowers, souvenirs and lots of things are sell. I've to say that I bought a strawberry and coconut shake and it was delicious!

After walking and going around I went into the Raval, which is an old district of Barcelona where there are many vintage shops. I has been looking for a shop named Vintage Barcelona for maybe half an hour when I came across an amazing vintge eyewear shop. If you have the chance of coming to Bcn, you must have a look on it. The shop, called WildeStore  (www.wildestore.com) is placed in c/ Joaquin Costa n.2.
It is run by a very nice boy and they have all sort of glasses. Seriously, it is incredible!
It is a little shop, but really charming.

I also visited other vintage and second-hand shop as PNB,Retro City and Oh La La! Barcelona.
The first one, Product National Brut, is full of clothes of all styles. There are shoes and bags and hats and jewelry and the most remarkable of all the stuff there.. the Levi's' shorts at 18 euros!

In the second shop they didn't lend me to take photos, but it's a great shop. They have clothes and complements from all over England.

And the last shop is, after the one of eyewear, rhe one i like the most.Its name is Oh la la! and its located in Tallers street. 
Is a two-storey shop where I promise you'd need more than 2 hours to see all they have there!

I bought some things that I'll show you in one of the next posts!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I've made it with all my love!

Finally,I'd love to say good bye with I picture I took last day ..


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm pretty sure that in a few months we are going to be wearing all sort of prints: floral, retro, ancient.. and without meaning which kind of pattern, they are going to be COLOURFUL AND HAPPY! ( que la primavera la sangre altera! )
Well, I've made a selection of those which I've liked the most. I've tried to find some low-cost too to make you and idea about what will be in stores.

For example, these ones here, 

are the proposals from Matthew Williamson, who has opted for double prints with green as the main colour, while Stella McCartney, who has chosen all types of blue to make us remember the beauty of the sea. In y opinion, looking more than 30 seconds to the prints makes feel dizzy with all that shapes!

Nothing to do with the D&G collection for this Spring, which looks like if all clothes were neckerchiefs arranged around model's bodies.

This is another proposal for Spring-Summer, this time from Anna Sui. We see (again) little shapes mixed all together and bright colours such as reds and yellows.

And finally, here it is Prada collection, which for me, is the most original. to be honest, I love it! The idea of printing cars in traditional-shape clothes as if it was the most common is just great.      

In Asos they have very nice things:

I'd love to share with you my day-a-day but I don't see how to take pictures of myself and making them look OK.. I hope to find a solution early!

with love,
Laura (@nastybrownies)
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