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¡Hola! Welcome everybody to Nasty Brownies!
My name is Laura Navas and I'm an 18 years old Spanish girl. I'm studying Business Sciences and Management at the Pompeu Fabra University from Barcelona. I hope one day I'll be able to work in the fashion industry or in the International Business!

A part from spending my days studying, I dedicated some of my spare time to dancing. I love dancing, it is really one of the things I love the most in this World. It's just a way of sharing your emotions and feeling with others without using words.. Right now I'm with Classical Dance and Contemporary Dance, but I don't discard trying other types of dance next year.

I dedicate all the hours I'm not dancing to 3 other things: friends, reading and blogging. I came to blogging like one and a half year go. At first, I just liked to go from blog to blog reading and watching pictures, but one day I thought "Why not to have my own blog?", so here it began this little project. I have to say that when I first started to post, I wasn't sure about what to say or what tu share with you, so the first half year (or even more) I abandoned the blog :(  But some months ago I returned ready to spread the love!

Thank you for reading about me! If yo have any question or want to contact me, don't doubt to send me an e-mail to nastybrownies@gmail.com or twit me to @nastybrownies :)

Big Cupcake Hugs!


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