Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday 29th February, 2012 - outfit

Hello babies! Today has been an special day.. 29.2.12!! This day only happens once every 4 years, so I've took the opportunity to on picnic! It has been really funny! As you can see, we have eaten looooots of pizza!
What do you think of my look?? I've chosen pastel colours, like the orange on my nails, the green of the cardigan and the pink of the pashmina! The ring in the first photo is from Primark, and the green cardigan from Oysho!
Tell me your opinions!
Love you!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Oscar to the Best Dressed goes to...

Hello lovers!
Here we are, once again, after the great event which took place yesterday night at the Kodak Theatre ( which has changed it's name but I can't remember which is its name now..). You all know that I'm talking about the most important award in the film industry.. the Oscars!
First of all, I'd love to say that I completely agree about the winners, hey absolutely deserved it!
We all know who were the winners and which are the categories the competed in, so I've though.. why not to include another category????? So here I am to present you the knew category of the Oscars.. The Oscar to the Best Dressed!!

So here we have the nominees..

1) Gwyneth Paltrow, in an amazing white dress.

2) Stacy Kebler in gold

3) Angelina Jolie ( and Brad ). It isn't necessary to say anything.

4) Cameron Diaz, in a white pearl dress. 

 5) The winner of the Oscar to the best actress for The Iron Women, Meryl Streep! she wore the same dress as in other ceremony, but she was elegant as always!

6) Milla Jovovich in white too. It seems that white was the colour of the night!

7) And the last one is Penelop Cruz, with a grey gown. She looked as a princess! ( it's an evidence that she is Spanish :) )

And so, what do you think?? It's very difficult to me to decided who was the best dresses, they were all gorgeous! What do you think? who was the best dressed for you??

As I said, it's difficult to make up my mind, but it's the moment..



There is a lot of people who thinks that Jolie or DIaz where better than her.. but I don't think so! It's just the elegance and the simplicity and her rouge lips..

that's all for today, LOVE!

Laura (@nastybrownies)

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hello lovers! Have you soon how the sun is shining today?? So I've thought that today is the perfect day to revise all the up coming fashion! All the following stuff is from Zara, for me, the best shop to buy at low prices.
I have made a selection of the most fashionable items. As you can see, this spring is going to be very COLOURFUL! Pastels are on trend, from skirts to blazers, pale pink, blue Tiffany and light creams. Another must have of the time are floral patterned clothes. I love floral blazers.. it's going to be my item of the season!
And in she questions, wedges are on vogue..preferably colourful ones!

Which items do you like the most?? Tell me about!







So what? what do you think?? tell me about!
Laura (@nastybrownies)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday 21st of February, 2012 - outfit

Hello darlings!
How was your day? Today I've had a very bussy day :( But I'm at home now ready to post!! I have some things to share you tonigh. First of all, las Sunday I went to the cinema with my boyfriend, and he took some pictures of my outfit. I was really sure I liked it.. but now I've seen the pics I think I look like an elf or something.. I don't know. Tell me what do you think!
The skirt is from Bershka and although it seems black it's dark blue.The sweater is from Zara and I really love this dark yellow. I love how those two colours match themselves! I complemented the look with a vintage brown belt.

What do you think? Please I need your opinion!!
Ans as I know you will give me your wonderful opinion (!) I'm going to put my Carnival outfit! Lets see if you are able to guess of what am I dressed..

I know you know it.. YEES YOU ARE RIGHT! Grease! ahahhaha I've done what I've been able..
And that's all for today!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

how to wear a leopard-print dress

Good morning beauties! Today just a short post about how to wear leopard print. The thing is that I do have a leopard printed dress I didn't know how to wear it without being taky.. so here it is my proposal! what do you think??
Lots of love! 

Dot dress
$45 -

Mango slim fit jacket
£45 -

KG Kurt Geiger leather flat shoes
£120 -

170 AUD -

Chanel linen bag

Chanel crocodile bag

White gold jewelry
$755 -

Beyond Rings cross jewelry
$45 -

Ray-Ban wayfare sunglasses
$145 -

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Saint Valentine's, Monday 13th of February - outfit

Hello girls!
Last weekend me and my boyfriend celebrated Saint Valentine because we weren't sure about if we were going to be able to see each other tomorrow so we have spent two days amazingly good!
We first went to a park near his town and took some photos there. We also made videos talking to the ducks of the lake. We look like idiots, but we are not!
Later, we went to buy the dinner (not a very healthy one ) and prepared it. I put some candles around and made a little cake that was deliiiiiiiicious!

For this special day I chose a long vintage skirt from my mum with a basic jersey and a denim jacket. I really love this skirt, although J thinks I look ridiculous :)

 don't stop smiling!

the sweetest boy ever!!


I love you!

I love you II

so sweet!

what he made for me..

And that has been my Saint Valentine 2012!
Tones of love!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday 7th of February, 2012 - outfit

hello everybody! 
This is my first outfit post and I'm very excited! I really hope you like all my looks and I'll be happy from here to the sky if you leave your opinions and productive critics!!

So here we go!
Today I've gone to the University, so it's not advisable to go with heels and so on. So I've chosen a pair of dark jeans from Pull&Bear and a vintage jumper with pink and green stripes. I really love this jumper! I have complemented the look with light brown boots from Vogue Barcelona and an orange diadem from 3423546546453 years ago ( ahhahah not that much.. maybe 10 years ago ) 


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