Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wherelse x Mango Touch - Wednesday 18th of April, 2012

Hi bloggers!
I know that this post comes a little bit late, but I have been waiting for the rest of the holiday pictures to make a 3rd outfit post, but they haven't arrived. So I have made a short review of the latest collaboration of Wherelse for Mango Touch by Chiara, Andy and Carolina.
I'm sure you all now these three fantastic bloggers and their amazing styles, so it's not a surprise find in the collection items that are just magnificent. They are a glamorous mix of the most fashionable trends of the moment adapted to our day-a-day life.
In my opinion, although I'm aware that this is a capsule collection, there are isn't enough stuff to choose, but the few that have been created are great. If I had to chose one of the sets I'll doubt between Carolina and Chiara's ones (the first and the second), but I definitely wouldn't chose Andy's set. Maybe it's just that it isn't much of my style, but I don't see the point of this bag and flats.

Tell me about your opinions!

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  1. is fantastic bloc

    he said that..................

  2. Adoro esas sandalias negras!!LOVE LOVE LOVE



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