Friday, April 27, 2012

Fashion Against Aids 2012 - Thursdy 26th of April, 2012

Hello everyone!
As I told on the previous post, yesterday I attended the Fashion Against Aids Event by H&M. It was on an old factor placed in the middle on Barcelona, and it was full of super fashionable people. On the first floor there was the whole FAA collection, so attendants were able to buy whatever the want to. It was on the floor beneath where the party was.  It wasn't an incredible party, but it was ok. It was full of people and the music was great (and the food too! ). Apart of that, there wasn't too much to see. In the middle of the room there was a bar and 3 mannequins with pieces of the collection, and the rest was crowded of people. Soooooo... I wouldn't have die if I hadn't gone  there. 

Well, the point here was showing you my party look! 
For last nigh party I chose a black H&M tube skirt with black tights and black Oysho ballerinas at the bottom and my fav. pink t-shirt from Bershka.To complete the outfit a black basic Zara blazer, a vintage black and gold belt and an H&M hand bag with an huge bow (I'm in love with this bag!!).
Finally, my mum made me a braided pickup. Love or not?




  1. I love that collection:)
    And your t-shirt looks really nice.

    best wishes

  2. Que bonitoo es el moño! Que maña nunca mejor dicho jajaja

    Gracias por haberte pasado por mi blog. Nos leemos mutuamente.
    También te sigo por facebook.

    whereORwhat.blogspot : diseño,creatividad e ilustraciones =)


  3. nice blog! i liked the collection i wish the jacket didn't sell out so quickly i really wanted it! but i bought the sunnies! please follow back

  4. Y yo que no voy a eventos de este tipo.. algún día me tocará ir jajaja
    Gracias por el comment ^^

    Te sigo!


thank you for your sweet comments ♡

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