Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday 21st of February, 2012 - outfit

Hello darlings!
How was your day? Today I've had a very bussy day :( But I'm at home now ready to post!! I have some things to share you tonigh. First of all, las Sunday I went to the cinema with my boyfriend, and he took some pictures of my outfit. I was really sure I liked it.. but now I've seen the pics I think I look like an elf or something.. I don't know. Tell me what do you think!
The skirt is from Bershka and although it seems black it's dark blue.The sweater is from Zara and I really love this dark yellow. I love how those two colours match themselves! I complemented the look with a vintage brown belt.

What do you think? Please I need your opinion!!
Ans as I know you will give me your wonderful opinion (!) I'm going to put my Carnival outfit! Lets see if you are able to guess of what am I dressed..

I know you know it.. YEES YOU ARE RIGHT! Grease! ahahhaha I've done what I've been able..
And that's all for today!


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