Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm pretty sure that in a few months we are going to be wearing all sort of prints: floral, retro, ancient.. and without meaning which kind of pattern, they are going to be COLOURFUL AND HAPPY! ( que la primavera la sangre altera! )
Well, I've made a selection of those which I've liked the most. I've tried to find some low-cost too to make you and idea about what will be in stores.

For example, these ones here, 

are the proposals from Matthew Williamson, who has opted for double prints with green as the main colour, while Stella McCartney, who has chosen all types of blue to make us remember the beauty of the sea. In y opinion, looking more than 30 seconds to the prints makes feel dizzy with all that shapes!

Nothing to do with the D&G collection for this Spring, which looks like if all clothes were neckerchiefs arranged around model's bodies.

This is another proposal for Spring-Summer, this time from Anna Sui. We see (again) little shapes mixed all together and bright colours such as reds and yellows.

And finally, here it is Prada collection, which for me, is the most original. to be honest, I love it! The idea of printing cars in traditional-shape clothes as if it was the most common is just great.      

In Asos they have very nice things:

I'd love to share with you my day-a-day but I don't see how to take pictures of myself and making them look OK.. I hope to find a solution early!

with love,
Laura (@nastybrownies)

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  1. honey, get a tripod.!! that's what you need. LOVING the pieces from ASOS. Can't believe how on trend they are


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