Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boots in summer YES OR NOT?

Hello girls, how are you doing?
Here in Spain we are having too much heat really,and it's starting to be a little bit annoying. So imagine, if I can't stop sweating, how have to be all those girls who wear boots during summer.
Let's see. Boots were invented to keep us from cold, so I don't see any point in wearing them every day during the hot months. Lots of celebrities have been seen with a casual outfit composed by a pair of shorts and ankle ( or not ) boots. IT DOESN'T MIND IT IS CONFORTABLE OR THAT YOU ARE SUPOSSED TO WEAR THEM TOO TO BE A FASHIONISTA. Please! Use the common sense. There are milions of super nice summer shoes in the world, why do you have to wear those that are designed to be wore on winter?
Judge by yourselves, in my opinion, I don't know if it is worth dying of heat in mid summer to follow a trend.

See you soon lovers!


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  1. Great post, dear~ Thank you for sharing~
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