Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday 11th of March, 2012 - outfit

Hello girls! how is your weekend going? I've spent almost all of mine studying (or trying to). However, Saturday evenings are sacred, so me and my boyfriend decided to go to a shopping mall near where he lives.
For this occasion, I chose a comfortable outfit, composed by a XXL blazer, a large white shirt, grey denim leggings and a pair of black boots. To complete it, I picked up a black patent leather bag and a silver necklace. I have to say that, unless the leggings and the boots, all the other stuff was all of my mum! So don't wait and look in your parents (and grandparents!) wardrobe, because I'm sure it is full of vintage treasures!

So what do you think? Here are some pictures of it, I hope you like it and expecting to hear your opinions!

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Finally, I just wanted to know if some of you wanted to make a collaboration with me, maybe, I don't know, feature in each other blog or do something together! I'm opened to ideas!

Have a super nice day girls!



  1. Hi :)
    Love the bag :)
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Kiss Kiss*Bang Bang

  2. Que chica guapa!!!!
    You are too beautiful baby!!!

    Lot of love !



  3. thank u for your lovely comment on my blog!! :)
    i really like your blog, and i follow u!


thank you for your sweet comments ♡

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