Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding

turururururuurururuuuuuuuu! Trumpets start sounding, everybody stands up and.. Katie Middleton appears, with an incredible white wedding gown by Sophie Cranston. She was splendidly elegant.. but we can't say the same of all the guest. Here some of the best and the worst looks of the Royal Wedding! 

Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Pippa Middlelton, incredible green dress by Temperly London, and white dress for the ceremony by McQueen.

the royal cousins of the prince.. with very special hats. Eugenia really looks like a giant octopus..

Joss Stone, just astonishing. 

Princess Victoria of Sweden, with a beautiful red Escada dress

Princess Letizia os Spain, so beautiful with a grey dress by Felipe Varela. She looks awesome!

Sophie Rhys-Jones, with a red long dress and looking as if she had just woke up.

Princess Mary-Chantal of Greece, with a simple nude dress ( with an estrange cleavage)

Two unknown women.. I don't know who tey are, but really like their style!

Vic Beckham, pregnant and with astonishing Louibuiton

the wife of the vice-president of the UK, with a very atypical style.

I hope you like this post! lots of LOVEE for everyone!


And they lived happily ever after..


  1. i thought to poor of colors... about the flowers of the wedding i am saying... i was expecting some color... everything was white... even the bouquet :/
    such annoying...anyway... Princess Letizia of Spain was even more beautiful than the bride (sory Kate :D)

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